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Healthy Families

Fund for Public Health in New York, Inc. ("FPHNY" on behalf of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene ("DOHMH"), has been designated as the recipient of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service ("DHHS") Centers of Disease Control and Prevention ("CDC"), American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Communities Putting Prevention to Work ("CPPW Grant") (CFDAA 93.724), the purpose of which is to expand and enhance the comprehensive obesity prevention programs in New York City. FPHNY is responsible for fiscal and administrative oversight of the CPPW Grant, whereas DOHMH is responsible for programmatic oversight of the CPPW Grant.

Bedford-Central Community Development Corporation

Bedford-Central Community Development Corporation (BCCDC) of Central Brooklyn aspires to strengthen the lower and middle income population in Central Brooklyn areas of Brooklyn, New York. This specific population has endured tremendous adversities in staying afloat in tough economic times. In addition, the residents of Central Brooklyn do not receive the same opportunities as other affluent New York Communities.

Bedford-Central Community Development Corporation recognizes the importance of strengthening these neighborhoods in the hopes of fueling the local economy and fostering relationship within the community participants of BCCDC programs and funders. BCCDC aims to combat the stereotypical phenomenon by assisting individuals with tangible assistance in realizing their home ownership and financial dreams and ultimately living to their fullest potential.

New Life

New Life of NYC's Brooklyn Site has been in existence since 1991. From the establishment of this program, we have provided services to assist in the development of our community's youth. New Life Brooklyn serves children between the 12-19 years of age.

New Life Brooklyn strives to deliver holistic Christian principals with sensitivity and respect for the uniqueness of each individual's cultural background. We also cater to their spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs. The staff engages the youth through building trusting relationships that lay a foundation for providing a wide spectrum of services. These services facilitate growth towards a successful and bright future. In this growth process, we focus on assisting our youth in the development of strong identities, securing a solid sense of purpose, and providing resources conducive to the achieving short term, as well as long term goals.

The youth is introduced to Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior as one who liberates and empowers them to become productive contributors and leaders in their communities.

Food Pantry

Working with:

  • Emergency Food Assistance Program - (HRA-EFAP)
  • Emergency Food and Shelter Program - (UWNYC-EFSP)
  • Through its local New York City board in serving the Crown Heights communities.
Power Day 2009

Power Day 2009

Power Day 2009

Power Day 2009

Power Day 2009

Power Day 2009